O udruženju

Summary in English


This year the Serbian Society of Urban Planners celebrates the 55th anniversary of its existence and successful work.

For more than half a century the Serbian Society of Urban Planners as a unique professional organization, has been participating in the tumultuous urbanization processes in our country. While thinking of the future urban planners have continuously been challenged by the past and the present.

Today the Society gathers an important number of individual members (architects, civil as well as regional planning engineers, economists, lawyers, ecologists, geodesists, traffic and mechanical engineers, geographers, electrical engineers, engineers of forestry, informatics and horticulture.). The Society also has collective members (public and private enterprises for developing of urban plans, physical plans and studies, Enterprises for urban planning, building land and construction, as well as the faculties, institutes etc)
Among numerous activities of the Society we would like to mention the following ones: improvement of policies concerning urban planning and development of physical planning, solving problems in pertaining laws and sub-Act documents, organizing of symposiums as well as the Salon of Urban Planning and the summer School of urban Planning etc.

At the General assembly of the European Council of Urban Planners (ECTP) that took place in Brussels in 2009, the Serbian Society was accepted as full member.

The summer School of Urban Planning has become a recognizable activity of the Serbian Society of Urban Planners outside the borders of our country. Formerly the Summer School used to be held in Dubrovnik, after that in the Republika Srpska, and for the last six years in Serbia. Every year the subjects are different and up to date, a Collection of works presented is printed and the number of participants is a multidisciplinary one and becoming every year bigger in number.  

For nineteen years, every year on November 8th on the international day of Urban Planning the Society organizes The International Salon of Urban Planning. The total number of exhibited works in all previous years was app. 2.000. The Salon has gained a high reputation and has become an institution with an international character with a great number of works and participants.
In the following period the main objective of the Society is developing of urban planning and physical planning activities, as well as developing of professional skills, the forming of the Academy of urban planners as well as continual improving of the status and attained reputation.


In the name of Urban Planners of Serbia I thank all the participants, patrons, donors, and sponsors who have helped the realization of the 19.International Salon of Urban Planning. My special thanks to the city of Šabac, to the Mayor, The Public enterprise “Plan” Šabac, the faculties, to the jury, to the vote counting board an the Secretariat of the Society of Urban Planners.  
I am especially grateful to the President of the European Council of Urban planners, Mr Joao Teixeiri for his promise to come and be present at the Salon of Urban Planning in the City of Sabac.

On the international day of urban planning
Šabac, November 8th,  2010

Of the Serbian Society of Urban Planners
Dušan Minić ,M.A.